Ginseng Root - Energy Drink

Ginseng has been used in traditional Eastern medicine as a powerful restorative remedy. This ginseng ingredient is now prized by westerners for its rejuvenating and healing properties! Eastern herbal pharmacologist state that ginseng alleviates tiredness, headaches, exhaustion, amnesia , debilitating effects of old age, disease of the heart, kidney, nervous and circulatory systems.


Medicinal Information
GINSENG (panax quinquefolia)
Known remedy for all manner of illness. Promote appetite and is useful in digestive disturbance, effective for colds and chest troubles and cough and increase energy level.
CHANEYROOT(similax balbisiam)
Cleanses the blood and relieve arthritis pain.
Known to benefit male and female reproductive organs and the spinal cord.
NERVES WISS(iresine diffusa)
Calms nerves and cleans the liver.
PIMENTO LEAF OR SEED(pimento diffusa)
Acts as a body stimulant that warms the blood.
SARSAPARILLA(similax officianale) Known to help the reproductive organs as a hormone balancer.
STRONG BACK (bourreiria oratha) Strengthens the back and rejuvenates the the reproductive systems.
SAGE (salivia offiunalis) Used for stomach disorders, for gas in stomach and bowels and also used in liver and kidney trouble
HOPS(humutus lupulus) Known remedy for toothache and earache and will also tone the liver,increase the flow of urine and bile, and is good for excessive excessive sexual desires.
GINGER(zingiber officinale) Remedy for diarrhea cold, chronic bronchitis cough gas, nausea and also as a powerful stimulant.
PEANUTS(arachia hypogea) An excellent source of protein.
GINGKO (gingko biloba) Known to relieve chronic depression. Increase learning capacity.


Zion Organic Inc. strongly believes that the nutritional and medicinal benefits of our products will contribute significantly to the total health and well being of your family and you.
We do not, however, recommend that they should be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

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