!America's First Herbal Wine!

This traditional herbal wine goes back to the dawn of time, when it was brewed, aged and serverd only at special festive occasions. Zion Organic carries on this tradition with Zion Roots Wine that is made exclusively for Zion Organic Inc. The herbs used in Zion Herbal Wine are organic, natural and medicinal

 Zion wine is a versatile wine. Its moderate sweetness is balanced with fruity and spicy characters. On a cold, chilly day serve it hot (heat piping hot but don't boil). Serve from a pitcher or punch bowl. On a hot day serve it chilled or on the rocks. Zion Roots Wie is also good for cooking and cocktails. For a delicious entree and colorful cocktail try our recipes page.

on Organic Inc. strongly believes that the nutritional and medicinal benefits of our products will contribute significantly to the total health and well being of your family and you. We do not, however, recommend that they should be used as a substitute for professional medical care.

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